Thursday, March 11, 2010

Summer Jobs

For most of us when we think of summer during our teenage years, we think of our summer jobs. Most of us can say that we sure didn't want to make a career out of them. My first two summers were spent cleaning hotel rooms. I was horrible at it, why maybe it was the horific outfits I had to wear or the creepy men that lurked around. Anyway, Krista and Misty have really wanted a job but with the economy nothing is available. Yesterday, was the job fair for Lagoon. I don't think any teenager really wants to work at Lagoon but its a pretty much shoe in at least they thought.

I drove them to the Junior High where the job fair was being held as we turned the corner I could see the line. There had to be at least 4-500 people there. For Lagoon? It must be bad out there. Well 4 hours later and the line being cut off literally right behind them for consideration, they have a job! I am excited for them. Now when they are my age they can look back and laugh at the summer jobs. Yah for Lagoon!