Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's an Honor!

One of the best parts of becoming a parent (for me this was a quick transition), is the feeling of being so proud of your kids. I never understood when my mom would cry during a performance or be so proud when we brought home a good report card. In the past month of being married I have come to understand the many joys parenting brings and why parents feel the way they do.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have attended several end of the year events. Krista and Misty had their last choir concert of the year. They are so darling and such great singers. It's neat to see the progress they have made from the beginning of the year. Here are some pictures from the concert.
Krista and Misty in their choir dresses.

Krista and Misty singing

Aarone and Amber enjoying the concert

Also, both Chelsie and Krista were honored by the junior high and highschool at a special awards evening. Both the Highschool and juniorhigh scheduled the ceremony at the same time which was awful. Krista's was a dinner that we had payed for before we knew about Chelsie's so Tony and I went to the dinner and Grandma Marilyn went with Chelsie. I am so proud to say that not only did both girls receive an award for their honors achievement but also received specific awards for different school activities they participated in.

Krista was chosen out 30 kids for an award for her hardwork on the yearbook team this year. As they said "she touched every page of that book". We were so proud of her and like proud parents Tony and I both cried. I still get a bit teary thinking about it since it meant so much to her.

Krista's certificates and medallion

Chelsie also was on the honor roll and received a special award for her role in her Child development class. We were sad to not be there to cheer her on, but are so proud of her hard work.

Chelsie's certificates

We love our kids!!! Thanks for making us proud!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Do you remember?

Last night we went to Chelsie's final choir concert since she is graduating in a week. She is in an all girls ensemble group called the "Thursdays". I would have to say out of all the choirs they have the best voices and sing the best songs. They also get to wear cute sashes and a cute flower in their hair, makes it special. She is also in the Falcon choir which is a combined junior and senior choir. Chelsie has an amazing voice and it is always so fun to hear her sing. Some of the other groups I could of done without that is for sure.
Anyway, my point is at the end of the last performance which was senior's only they were all hugging, crying, etc. Me I was like good grief get over it but then I started to remember the feelings I had when highschool was ending too. It was such a mix of emotions, excitement, nervousness, an unsure feeling of what life would bring. I too remember crying as we sang the cheesiest of all songs, "It's hard to say goodbye".
Looking back, life really did begin after highschool. I am so excited for Chelsie as she begins this new adventure of going to school at Utah State this fall. She is such an amazing person and has so much to look forward to. Here's to Chelsie and Highschool graduation!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our Saturday Project

Tony and I talk each week about what project we want to tackle on Saturday. We both love projects we can do together and we have plenty we can work on. This week we decided to work on our flower bed which Tony has wanted to do since he moved into this house. I meant to take a "real" before picture but forgot until we had started.

This is the area we started with, the only thing we left is the rose bush.
We borrowed Tony's brothers truck and went to Lowe's to buy the bricks.
After 2 trips to Lowe's, 3 trips to J&J nursey(side note-if you ever want to go to the coolest place come and go to this nursey. It is huge and has massive amounts of flowers and plants, I fell in love with it!) Here is the finished project.
I can't believe how beautiful it looks, I can't help but go out and look at it every few minutes. Hooray for Saturday projects!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dreams do come true

Ok, so I have wanted a Kitchenaid for as long as I can remember but I never felt like I could spend the money to buy one. I asked for one for Christmas for several years but my dad would always reply "when you learn how to cook I'll get you one". Well, my sweet husband knew how badly I wanted one and we spent some of our wedding money to purchase it. I seriously woke up giddy with delight this morning knowing I can make something. I'll keep you posted on how my first try works out!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our little performer

Friday night was a real treat. Misty who is involved in a Musical Theatre class had her spring performance which was Grease. Tony, Amber, Grandma Cude and I went to see her dance and sing her little heart out. She did so great and we had a great time. Maybe she'll be the next superstar!!!

Misty the cheerleader

Misty as the Teen Angel

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wedding day- April 19, 2008

Hi all! Tony and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple on April 19, 2008. Not only did I marry the love of my life but I now have 5 beautiful children.

Our reception was at Little America, Tricia and my girls were in my line along with Aarone.

I wish I could post all of the pictures but I will post some more at a later date. It was the perfect wedding day more than I could have ever asked for. Thanks to everyone that helped out, came, and made our day so special.