Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Miracles

Who doesn't love a few Christmas miracles that are insignificant but make your day? After months and months of work we are finally done with refinishing our crib. My parents had given us the crib all of us kids used and was much older than me. After stripping down coats and coats of paint and sanding it down, and adding a beautiful finish, it is finally done. Tony surprised me by putting it all together last night. Here is a picture. It doesn't do justice how beautfiul it is now and how talented Tony is. I also had to take a picture of Alec sleeping in it this morning. He is going strong at 2 hours, which is a miracle.

The second miracle is Tony bought me a new washer and dryer. Who ever thought that a washer and dryer could be so exciting. For a family of 8, it is super exciting. Although it's my Christmas present, they were delivered early this morning. I seriously cannot wait to use them. On a side note- we would love to give our old ones which work well for being 10 years old to someone who needs them. Contact me if you know of anyone. Here is a picture of my red beauties!

We have been so blessed this year and are grateful for the many blessings we receive each day.

Merry Christmas everyone!